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Minecraft skins

How To Install Minecraft Skins, and Other Modifications in Minecraft Pocket Edition:

When we compare the Pocket Edition of Minecraft with its computer version we find out that it has lesser features but it offers many modifications and allows you to install Minecraft Skins and mods as well.Most of the times different games reach height of fame and popularity because of the change and upheaval they bring into the market. Some of these games are known for their fashionableness and become a trend and lead way for similar products in the market. Minecraft has all of above all mentioned traits and it can be called a trend setter. Similarly many games have created trying to copy similar traits. Since 2009 Minecraft has sold over 100 million copies.


Minecraft Skins


Minecraft Pocket Edition is one of the gems of this great journey. It is the main mobile version of the game. It was launched in October 2011, almost two years after the launch of the original game. This game has improved a lot since then and great improvements can be observed in the game. The current version offers Minecraft Skins and mods that have created by the playing community of the game.



From the New Store Integrated in Minecraft Skins:


This game has also the privilege of having a customized personal accessories store. The current version of the game offers most accessories. If you do not have accesses to it try updating your game from the Google Play Store.

Similarly we have packages of the Minecraft Skins, maps and other useful things for you in the store. It offers many things free of cost and some by paying as well. You can unlock the maps by logging in with your Microsoft account.

The official store of Minecraft Pocket Edition doesn’t have a lot of Minecraft Skins right now. It is sort of under construction but we also have an equally good alternative for you. Try installing ad-on MCPE Maestro for now.


Install Hundreds of Options With MCPE Maestro:


MCPE Maestro can help you automatically implement many add-ons. It offers a massive catalog upgraded on routine basis. Most of it is totally free of cost with exception of a few that require subscription. This also can help you gain a lot of shortcuts making your progress less time consuming.

Process isn’t s. First of all install the MCPE Maestro. Get start and begin browsing. The features offered by it include Maps, Minecraft Skins, Textures and Mods. As mentioned above, Computer edition doesn’t offer this musk variety.

In order to install the MCPE Maestro you only need to:

  • So select your favorite features from the add-ons. This depends on your personal choice.
  • MCPE Maestro will then download the features requested by you. Whenever the downloading finished then Use the “Play” button.
  • Other than the mobiles it doesn’t support (Huawei Mate-9 has experienced similar errors) the application will open.
  • Visit the settings menu inside the game and choose form the “Global Resources” added on your choice.
  • Start the map or choose if there’s one already loaded.



How To Add Minecraft Skins, Maps, Mods … Downloaded Outside of MCPE Maestro:

  • First of all download the modification you wish.
  • Choose a folder inside your mobile that can be easily located and upload the files there.
  • Go to the tools section in MCPE Maestro.
  • Here you can see installed Minecraft Skins and other items.



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