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Minecraft Story Mode

 Have to ever Tried Minecraft Story Mode? – Minecraft Game:

As Minecraft PE is the best game ever the lovers of Minecraft also wants even more improvements in the game, due to this the developer introduced the Minecraft story mode. This story mod is released under the banner of Telltale Games. The “Telltale Game” is even more different from the maker of the original Minecraft which is “Mojang”.  There are five characters in the Minecraft story mode the first and main character of the story mod is known as Jesse. It is the main character and appears as a legendary boy.  The Jesse has to defeat the dragon and somewhere the storm has come so the Jesse and his friends have to discover something in order to save their word and also friends from that dragon and from the storm. You will be really impressed from the graphics and from the sound of the game.

Minecraft Story Mode


This story mode brings a big adventure and trill for the Minecraft lovers. It consists of the word most popular sandbox Minecraft PE with many episodes.  All the episodes are released additionally there are more armor items as like Gauntlets have been added in the story.


What is mean by Gauntlets in the Minecraft story mode?  – An Armor Item:

These special type of gloves named as Gauntlets. Because these gloves give the special power to the wearer. You can wear the gloves simply by equipping it in the main hand.


Here are mentioned different types of the Gauntlets:

  1. Golden Gauntlets:

The features of the Golden Gauntlets include:

  • So the user can access this item by using commands and also by the inventory.
  • The damages of the attack increased up to 100 times.
  • Furthermore the movement speed increased by 0.01.
  • The best feature is it adds 15 health to health of the player.


  1. Red Gauntlet:

  • This version doubles the speed of the payer.
  • The Story Mode also adds 50 to the health of the payer.
  • It increases the damages of the attack from 1 to 5.


  1. Prismarine Gauntlet:

  • Increases the damages of the attack and also increases the speed of the payer.
  • The Story Mode doubles the health of the payer.


  1. Crystal Gauntlet:

  • Increases the damages of the attack up to 500.
  • Similarly the Story Mode increases the health of the payer up to 120.
  • It increases the speed of the payer up to 0.35.
  • Therefore The user can access this item by using the commands and also by using creative inventory.



System requirements of the Minecraft story mode:

  • Operating system should be on Windows 7 and 64 bits.
  • The ram of the system should be 3 GB.
  • The CPU should be Core 2 Duo or advance.
  • The space in the hard disk should be 5 GB.



Minecraft introduced many versions of the Minecraft story mode till yet. Almost all includes PS 4, Xbox One, iOS, Mac, PC, and Xbox 360 similarly Android version.


Feature of Minecraft story mode – (Story Mode):

There are different features in the Story Mode . These features will include:

  • The graphics of the Minecraft story mode is much awesome.
  • The Minecraft story mode is same like the other production of the Telltale.
  • Minecraft story mode is more adventurous game.
  • The sound of the story mode is much impressive.
  • First of all discover something to destroy the storm and also defeat the dragon.



Hence you may like to download Story Mode…….


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