Minecraft PE: Expectations vs. Reality

minecraft pocket edition

Why We Love Minecraft PE (And You Should, Too!)

Minecraft PE when I say that name what you think of a game you love and play every day again. You used to play a game you’ve seen all your friends play. There’s no denying that Minecraft PE is one of the most popular games in the history of the gaming industry. I mean think about it. Not only did it have this we many sales but even ICLEI it and your boy only plays popular games fam. That’s because we’ve always got a good feeling about what the best and most popular games are and that feeling is really strong. And we think it’s my mustache that does that. we don’t know if that’s true but for real fame let’s talk a little bit more about Minecraft PE and why it actually is the best game that was ever made.

minecraft pocket edition

It’s hard to talk about stuff like this without people being like you fam. No that’s not the best game ever made the best game ever made was Lion King on the Sega Genesis. Well fame. Just hear me out and listen to my reasons and then you can tell me if you agree because this is what we think. So Minecraft PE is super important to so many different people fam and it’s because it’s such a simple and great game but it didn’t just change gaming like it did change gaming but that’s not all that changed.

It also changed YouTube hours. we mean think about it fam there are so many top you tubers right now that started with playing Minecraft PE. Are you thinking about it? How many can you name? We can name some right now. People like Pudi pie. Lachlan Alii Dan TDM syndicate. Literally almost every gaming YouTube has played Minecraft PE at least once and that’s for a good reason. It’s not just because it’s popular buy because it is so good. It’s a game that everyone can love because it’s so easy to love.

We always get so surprised when we see what old Minecraft PE you tubers are doing today. It’s pretty crazy to think that if Minecraft PE didn’t get big we’d probably have a whole new set of famous you tubers. We’d have a bunch that we would love and watch all their videos but we don’t even know who they are.Maybe Pudi PI wouldn’t be a big you tuber. Hey maybe we wouldn’t even be a big you tuber. Maybe we wouldn’t even exist.

Lol just kidding.

But for real we think that if Minecraft PE didn’t get popular my prankster gangsters might not even know who I am. That would be pretty sad to be honest fam. We don’t even want to think about it. We love my prankster gangsters too much we don’t want to let you guys go. That would be too sad. You want to know another reason that Minecraft PE is the best game ever made. There is no other game but have created lifelong friends as well as Minecraft PE has.

I’m serious. we really believe that fam. You may have joined a small or even big server and met people added them on Skype and now five years later you’re still talking to them. Your boy has even met people that are in real life relationships which all started from Minecraft PE. There is no game that has created so many friendships and relationships then Minecraft PE.

We feel like a lot of people have met through Minecraft PE videos as well like people would go on the Minecraft PE Forums back in the day and say boy we want to record a Minecraft Lets Play with someone and someone would reply saying yeah let’s do it and then they would record together and become best friends. We’ve seen that happen fam and it’s really beautiful. I’m tearing up just thinking about it my heart the emotions it’s so overwhelming honestly fam thinking about Minecraft and how it has changed people’s lives is always crazy to me.

My life has definitely been changed so much just from a small game made by a guy named “Nuch” about placing blocks down and destroying other blocks. It’s so simple and that’s what made it so good. What about you guys? Have you met friends that you still talk to today through Minecraft? Did you make any lifelong buddies through servers? Maybe you’ve even met other prankster gangsters. That would be pretty MLG. Let me know down in the comments section. You know back when Minecraft PE first became popular everyone played it.

It wasn’t just one of those games that only young people player or only old people played or only cats played it. Everyone played it even smelly mice. Whether you were 10 years old or you were 20. Minecraft PE was a game that everyone played and it still is. Even me fam being years old plays Minecraft and is pretty old fam. Wow I can’t believe that I’m already years old.

Time flies. Well fam we’ve got to say we think Minecraft PE is the best game. It really is. And we don’t think we can be told otherwise. There are some other really great games and that’s really cool but I don’t think anything could ever live up to how good Minecraft is like. Fourth night is a really good game and rob lox is a really good game but it’s really hard to compare to Minecraft PE and all the incredible things that it did over the years.

Thank you for making such an MLG game that has changed so many people’s lives. I wish I could come to your house and give you 3 bags of Doritos except I’d want to eat them with you because you shouldn’t at all to yourself. Since I bought the Doritos and was nice enough to bring it down to your house for you. Well anyway fam I think we should celebrate and enjoy Minecraft for what it is. I think I want to relax and play my favorite game in Minecraft PE. That’s right. Build Battle.

I’m going to play some build battle and I’m going to appreciate every second of it. Here we go with some more Minecraft build battle. In fact I haven’t played that game in so long. I’m excited to probably do it again. You guys know that I’m such an MLG builder. I know that I can do it right. I think while doing this building I should sing a song. But first I need to see what the theme I’m building about is. Oh it’s Angel alright fam. I think I can probably build an angel. Well anyway it’s time to sing a song about how good Minecraft PE is. Here we go. Minecraft PE is so good. Minecraft is so great. Not as good as me but still pretty good mate.

I love Minecraft PE. I love it so much. I’ve got some burritos. Let’s eat them for lunch. Now we need a moment of silence for all the games that aren’t as good as Minecraft PE. Wow that’s pretty sad. Oh well actually it’s kind of fitting that I’m building an angel and we’re talking about games that are probably in heaven because they’re not as good as Minecraft. Do you guys think this angel looks good? I think it’s coming to look pretty nlg. Fam I’m going to make sure it has all the things an angel should have a head a halo some wings everything.

I hope I’m not missing anything but I don’t think I am. I think the whole thing is going to be so legit. Hopefully people vote my thing as legendary. Well let’s see. Let’s get into the voting. I’m going to be nicer to people’s builds today. Sometimes I look at these bills and give them kind of bad scores because I feel like they don’t compare to mine. But today should be a day about love since we are celebrating how good Minecraft PE is soil good people who deserve it really good scores because why not. They should get good scores since they’re playing this wonderful game and doing a good job at it.

You know what guys. I know the build battle is my favorite Minecraft PE game mode but I don’t think I asked you guys what your favorite game mode is. I think that’s a really interesting question because a lot of people have different answers. Some people love sky wars while others like bed wars. There are also survival games and jail servers and just regular survival. There are so many so I just really want to know what my prankster gangster is like and you don’t have to say Bill Battle just because your boy says that’s his favorite game mode.

I won’t get mad or call you haters just because you like a different game mode. It does alright just tell me honestly fam. Well anyway the voting is over. It looks like I didn’t win. That’s too bad for them but to be honest the winner is pretty MLG so I don’t even feel like it’s rigged. Maybe it’s because I’m in a really good mood and am just enjoying playing my favorite game. But I think that person probably deserved to win. So good job my dude. I hope you take that bill to the nearest museum so they can put it on display. Well fam that’s about it for this video. I just wanted to sit down with you guys and talk about Minecraft PE and how important it is to each and every one of us.

I know I’m not alone in saying that it’s very important to me and I’m sure it is also extremely important to you guys and that’s a good thing. It’s great that a game has so much effect on us because that just shows that it really is the best game ever made. Also it’s fun. Did I mention that? Well it is. It’s incredibly fun. Fam your boy could play it for hours and hours. If he had to, I love survival and I love different game modes and I love playing with friends. I just love all of it. I can’t help it fam. It’s just the most legit game out there. If you guys agree make sure to tell me in the comments below.

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