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Minecraf Maps

How To Build Minecraft Adventure Maps:

Minecraft offers a variety of maps to download and choose. Adventure maps are one of the most exciting ones. In these maps you can set yourself on exploratory missions. We have mentioned a few guidelines to set up an Minecraft Adventure Maps.

Minecraft Adventure Maps


Planning Your Minecraft Adventure Maps:

  • Decide a scheme or theme for your map. You can choose among survival, story, parkour and also several other options.
  • Logistics are an important factor and must be decided early on.  So select different type of materials for different type of structures. Select the comparative size of different objects and distances between places to model your Minecraft Adventure Maps properly. Try creating a road map or a tutorial for events in your map.
  • Believe in your own creativity and work on it but there is no shame in taking up new ideas using observation. So study other maps to understand the theme behind these adventure maps for better results.



Building Minecraft Adventure Maps According To Needs:

  • We recommend downloading and also installation of Minecraft World editor.
  • This will help you to move from small scale construction to large scale development.
  • MCEdit and MCMap are our highest recommendations.
  • No matter what platform you use for playing Minecraft, furthermore you will also have to edit maps on your computer.
  • You can also create new world by choosing More Worlds Option in Single Player menu.
  • Furthermore you can also save a newly created world before exiting.
  • You can also choose to edit new world using the load option in the map editor.
  • So create a boundary or place a wall around your selected area.
  • You can also switch between flat land, desert, jungle or vice versa using the editor.
  • Undo the default structure if you need space also for new ones.
  • To add a bit of flavor and also drama place different types of structures like traps, lava pits or waterfalls in your adventure map.
  • Make a road map for your progress and add then signs or leave texts and books to keep records.
  • You can also add any extra features depending on your choice, taste and requirements of your maps theme and also story.
  • So save your work once it is all done.



Publishing Minecraft Adventure Maps:

  • Perform a test run of your map for identification of any bugs or errors.
  • Fix any error that you have found during this step.
  • Locate the map file of your adventure.
  • So to make access of file easier place all files on your desktop. Uploading is easier this way as well.
  • Create an account on the website you wish to upload the files.
  • Go to upload option and also enter your map information and then upload it.
  • Present your map for review.

The Best Minecraft Adventure Maps:

The adventure maps in Minecraft are not so similar to others.  Therefore these maps are also full of risks, fights and as the name say adventure.


Below Is A List Of Some Very Prominent Minecraft Adventure Maps.

  • Biomebox
  • Asleep
  • Herobrines Mansion
  • Adventure Time.
  • The Tourist
  • Kingdom of the sky
  • Deep Space Turtle Chase
  • Wrath of the fallen
  • The Escapists 2
  • Last Jump Heroes
  • Star Wars
  • Fireworks Parkour
  • Pokemon Jotho
  • Zombie Apocalypse
  • Herobrines Return
  • Teramia


New Minecraft Adventure Maps:

The new Maps are divided into two sub categories which are mentioned below:

  1. The first five Maps are categorized into “New Solo/Team Map”.

  • Aegis.
  • Chromos.
  • Frozen throne.
  • Haunted.
  • Martian.

     2.  The remaining three Maps are categorized into “New Mega Maps”.

  • Hontori.
  • Maereen.
  • Templar.
  • Towers.

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