Top Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds

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The Top Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds List For The Building Of Your City:

As everyone knows that Minecraft Pocket Edition is the game of adventure, full of trill. We gathered the most popular and unique Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds for you to build your city. There are lots of lovers of the Minecraft and they know very well that the Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds play a great role in their adventure. In simple words we can say that seed is the magic in the Minecraft. That’s why we rounded the top and unique seeds for your adventure by using every resource.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds


Here Is The Top And Unique Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds For You:


  • Seed Code: Maazi

      A Standard Flat Land Seed:

This is a priority for maximum users to begin with in Creative Mode. It presents the users a flat land to work with. This special seed in Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds is particularly helpful in dealing with bumpy land if dealt carefully. It is very useful in time consuming missions. In my personal opinion it is a brilliant way to start your conquest.


  • Seed Code: 568564931

A general seed with room for a big city.

The Minecraft universe is inescapable, extensive and expanding each day. Thus, new Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds are unearthed every day as well.

This seed is tough to put in the generator but presents excellent terrain for sublime and massive construction.



  • Seed Code: -6120648606982687686

An excellent seed with excess of snow, temples and villages.

This excellent seed offers you six distinct NPC Villages, several biome temples and a lot more. Although not entirely flat, it will bring a flavor to your work.


  • Seed code: 4179

Icy huge mountains, mind blowing fortresses and a lot more.

This Minecraft Seed brings with it sky touching mountains that are covered in snow and yet perfect for construction. Massive cities and castle present a heart-warming display on these mountains.


  • Seed Code: I don’t care

Never ending mushroom forest and never ending food stock.

Usually people won’t even consider building a home in a mushroom forest but Minecraft is about creativity and imagination so there is nothing wrong in picking up this challenge and it will be worth taking.

All Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds are much good but the special purpose of this seed is to get food stock.

This seed present perfect opportunity for growing your crops and the mushroom forests along with good irrigation opportunities means never ending food stock.


  • Seed Code: mantus 23452345

Make way to a magical city through caves.

Building underground caves sound like an adventurous idea and I would always love to try it.

In Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds this seed gives you perfect conditions to carry on this conquest. It also brings impressive opportunities to frame mind blowing underground structures with a variety of patterns.


  • Seed Code: 1776267154993242836

The Savannah meadows have a character.

The meadows in Minecraft are extremely eye catching and once you have managed to fill them with beautiful farms and buildings they will have no match at all.

This seed offers a large grassy land surrounded by beautiful mountains that will serve a brilliant ground to build a multi-level city. With many rivers running through it, there will be good transportation routes as well and you may go fishing on a sunny day as well.


  • Seed Code: 7wo

Everything challenging has great worth, take under water construction for example\.

We discussed mountains and meadows, towns and cities and what we were missing was an Island. Well, the Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds brings it to you. And an Island is not all it brings; it has as extra in form of an underground city.

It is one of the toughest tasks to perform for any player. But its reward is great that you will never regret spending your time and resources on it.

It offers large space to build whatever you desire or wish to build.


  • Seed Code: Reptar

A city with dungeons to challenge the dwarfs:

Last but not the least, when building such structures you can never forgets buildings dungeons, of course just like the dwarves but perhaps better.

This seed offers you to challenge your skills against the tiny giants. But when you are done building these caverns don’t forget to step ion without lighting a torch because it is dark in there.


Use these Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds by entering their names in the generator…




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